Writing a Hardship Letter to Wells Fargo

If you want to write a hardship letter to Wells Fargo, then you have to start by explaining who you are. This means indicating your name and address, and including the fact that the mortgage is owned by Wells Fargo. Naturally, you should also indicate your account number. You then have to explain that you are in financial difficulty and that has caused you to miss payments, or that you expect to miss some payments in the near future on your mortgage, mentioning the relevant dates. Don’t forget to inform them that you wish to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

What to Include in Your Hardship Letter to Wells Fargo

Explain the reasons for your late payments. For instance, you may have had a medical emergency, perhaps a family member has died, or perhaps you have lost your job. You should also include any relevant dates in relation to this. You should explain that this situation has made it impossible for you to make your payments. You should also indicate what types of payments you can make, when you can start with those, and how soon will you be able to make those payments.

Do also explain that your property is not currently up for sale and that you are struggling with making insurance payments and paying your taxes, if that is applicable. You should also include any financial documentation that can prove what you are stating, such as a detailed income statement, your most recent pay stubs, and any information that you feel is important for them to know.

End your letter by explaining that you hope the resolution can be satisfying and swift for both yourself and Wells Fargo, and that you look forward to hearing from them. Last but not least, you also have to make sure that you meet all the requirements as stated by Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Requirements

Wells Fargo will only take a hardship letter if it provides a clear description of your situation and how this caused your financial difficulty. Examples include loss of job, illness, overextended use of credit, or a reduced income not by choice.

Additionally, Wells Fargo expects you to fully explain what you have done in an effort not to default on the loan you have with them. For instance, you have to demonstrate that you have already used up all of your savings, and that you have cut down on unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, they want to see what you hope to achieve, for instance, a reduced principal or a lower interest rate.

They also want to make sure that any further delays are avoided as much as possible. Hence, they recommend that you make sure that all your document copies are clearly legible, and that you only include any documents that have not been in any way altered. If correction fluid, for instance, is seen on the documents, they will not be accepted. Last but not least, you must make sure that you mention the number of pages in your document, counting even the blank ones, so that they can check that they aren’t missing anything.

Hardship Letter to Wells Fargo Example

{Account Number}
{Your Name}
{Contact Number}

Wells Fargo Financial Real Estate
ATTN: Home Preservation Department


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing with regard to my home at {address}, which has a mortgage owned by Wells Fargo. I have been behind on my mortgage payments since {date}, and I am writing to begin the process of resolving this situation.

I fell behind on my payments because {detail the reasons for hardship, including medical problems, death, job loss, etc.}, which occurred {date}.

I am unable to pay the monthly payments as is, but I believe I can afford {amount in dollars} per month, beginning {date}.

My home {is/is not} up for sale, and the property taxes and homeowner’s insurance {is/is not} current.

I have attached my financial information, including a detailed account of my income, recent pay stubs, and {any other information they’ve asked for or you think is relevant}.

It is my hope that we can bring a swift and satisfying resolution to this problem as quickly as possible.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


{Sender Name}

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