Writing A Hardship Letter To Doctor

Health care is indeed expensive and doctors are often busy. In many cases, only those with significant funds and some sort of private health insurance are able to get the treatment that they need, when they need it. If you are in financial hardship, then it is likely that you will find it particularly difficult to obtain the medical care that you require. If this is the case for you, and you have been denied an early appointment with a specialist, you may consider writing a letter to have that decision reconsidered.

Basic Guidelines for Writing a Hardship Letter to Doctor

Hardship letters are usually quite formal pieces of writing. When writing to a doctor, however, it is often better to become somewhat more personal. That being said, you should still make sure that your letter is properly presented and addressed, that it is dated, and that it includes all the important information that the doctor may need.

Starting the Letter

You should start by explaining that you had requested an appointment, but that you have not been granted one before a specific date. Make sure to include the date on which you requested an appointment, the date on which you received a decision, and the date on which the appointment is offered.

Content of the Hardship Letter

Next, explain why it is important for you to see that specific doctor. He or she may, for instance, be the only specialist in a certain field within a certain geographical area. Explain that you are aware of this because you have already seen other physicians but the treatment you received were not successful for you. State that you feel that the said doctor would be the one to be able to provide an accurate diagnosis, or who would be able to provide appropriate treatment. Flattery can help here, although you do have to make sure that you don’t lay it on too thick at the same time.

Explain that your condition is life limiting, and that, should you have to wait for an appointment, it may get much worse. Do not be afraid to explain that you feel desperate and that your hopes are pinned on this particular doctor. If such is the case, emphasize that your illness has also prevented you from being productive, and that waiting for such a long period of time will make it impossible for you to continue to pay all your bills as well.

Ending the Letter

Do also state what you would be willing to offer the physician in return. Your case may be particularly interesting, for instance, and you may be willing to let your details to be shared with medical students. Physicians are always interested in unique cases, after all.

Finally, make sure that you send the letter via registered mail, and indicate that you will follow up by a certain date over the telephone to confirm not just receipt, but also whether you can indeed have an earlier appointment with the doctor. Do also include any evidence you have to support the things you have stated before.

Hardship Letter To Doctor Example

{Your Name}
{Your Address}
{Your Phone #}


Dear {Doctor}:

On {date}, I was informed by your staff that you have no openings over the next {amount of time} and that you can’t schedule an appointment with me until {date} at the earliest. I am writing to beg you to reconsider.

I know that you are the only medical doctor focusing on {field} in a {number}-mile radius. I know this because I have been to every general physician in the area, and it is my sincere belief that you are the only person who can help treat me, or even tell me what, precisely, is wrong with me. I’m not an impatient person, but I’m afraid that if I have to wait {amount of time}, my condition will have worsened to the point of severe illness or even death. I admit that I’m afraid and even desperate at this point to get answers that will help me.

If there’s one thing I can offer you, it’s the guarantee that you will find my case unique and medically relevant to your research into {field}. {Brief medical history}. I have been to {list of other doctors/clinics} and no one can help me. I am happy to come in at any time you can fit me into your schedule, and I will try not to take up too much of your time.

I will call your office again next week. I’m so sorry to be an inconvenience, but I hope that we can find a time to meet very soon.

Thank you,

{Sender Name}

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