Medical Hardship Letter

Medical hardship letter: this is not Europe, we pay for our medial care in this country. The problem with that is people get left behind, the hardship of paying medial bills can be too much for many when bad things happen. Unfortunately it happens more than we want to admit, that’s where tools like medial hardship letter come in handy.

Medical hardship letter

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Re: Medical Bill Financial Hardship

I have come to a point where I am no longer able to make our current monthly payments.

These circumstances mainly came about due to severe illness as I have been diagnosed with a serious illness which according to the doctors, would take long time to heal with necessity of hospitalization for several weeks when different types of investigations and tests have to be taken up on different days under different circumstances before concluding actual ailment that is nagging me. Already, major expenses are being incurred to mitigate the sufferings through injections and oral medications. Prior to that, I worked for a large organization for many years and made a luxurious living including substantially enough to set aside for a nice retirement.

After a few late payments, the interest rates on all the cards had climbed to at or near 30%. I am now hugely in debt and sinking fast. In 20xx, I returned to the workplace full-time but expected earnings did not materialize and I have been falling behind my schedule. I am now considering debt management or debt consolidation however at this time, I am making similar arrangements and negotiations with my other creditors to avoid having to file for personal bankruptcy. I want to pay my debts but I just cannot see how to do that and keep my home and pay all my creditors. I hope you can see my predicament and offer a reasonable repayment plan.

Yours sincerely,

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Car Loan Hardship Letter

This is a post is for Denise Cox who commented on the how to write your own hardship letter page of this site. In the turmoil of the mortgage crisis its not just homes being foreclosed on but also peoples vehicles. Many of whom require it for their very livelihood, so this auto hardship letter is for you Denise… good luck.

Intro (lead your letter with your basic information for an easy read for who is processing your paperwork including; your name, address, lender name, and account number)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to explain my unfortunate set of circumstances that have caused us to become delinquent on our mortgage. We have done everything in our power to make ends meet but unfortunately we have fallen behind and would like you to consider working with us to make sure you are paid in full.

The main reason that caused us to be late is …. (insert reason here and don’t be too lengthy and long winded) … We had fallen further and further behind. Now, it’s to the point where we cannot afford to pay what is owed to …(lender goes here). It is our full intention to pay what we owe. However at this time we have exhausted all of our income and resources so we are turning to you for help.

(The approximate date of hardship and we believe that our situation is Temporary or will be Permanent.)

Our situation has got better because… (explain how things have gotten better or going to, you’ll have to sell them on it)

We truly hope that you will consider working with us and we are anxious to get this settled so we all can move on.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

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